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At SR Solutions, we believe that a correct hire can change the shape of business".

SR Solutions provides high quality direct hire as well as contractual services to meet its client's specific requirements.

Equipped with a team of highly dedicated, sincere professionals fully comprehending the process of recruitment and talent selection, we synergise our solutions with the clients' need.

Our capability in quick & electric delivery has gained us the reputation of being a reliable and efficient executive search firm. We are recruitment partners with almost all the top brands of the country and have dealt with a large bandwidth of positions domestically and internationally.

At SR Solutions we strive to sift, evaluate, assess and get the right talent hired at all levels. Aligning the right fit by monitoring the suitability of the candidate looking at the business culture, operations and strategic intent of the client is our commitment.


  • SR Solutions understanding of the entire gamut of HR business is our foremost USP.
  • We understand the role human capital plays in business and apply it dilligently while giving our recruitment solutions.
  • We recruit meticulously and divulge into those minute details that an average search firm overlooks.
  • SR Solutions belives that a client's loss of business is a loss for us. It helps us empathise better and create long lasting relationships.
  • A well trained, qualified and dedicated team at SR Solutions works proffessionally. It is not about filling a position but about long term partnership and success.
  • The team follows a well crafted process that is systematic and has a management approach.
  • Expertise in hiring at middle, senior and leadership levels.
SR Solutions - HR support with SR Solutions without the cost of a full fledged department yet better output.
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