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Psychometric tests provide an additional opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities. A psychometric test helps you to showcase the full picture of your skills and personality to an organization.

There are three main areas that psychometric tests explore :

  • Candidates' capabilities
  • Aptitude for the job
  • and to determine whether candidates' personality fits in with the vision of the organisation are he is hoping to join.

Equipped with trained and qualified psychologists and trainers, SR Solutions conducts standardised and specially customised psychometric tests both online and offline. We conduct and develop tests that are useful for candidates and employers helping them to identify which skills or 'competencies' are necessary to perform well in a given job, we provide tests which are tailor-made to assess those skills.

Finding a 'best-match' between person and job is a two-way process, however; a psychometric test may suggest that you are unsuitable for a certain job, but if the job does not use your skills and interests, you are unlikely to find it satisfying. It is worth remembering to ask for feedback from any psychometric test!

SR Solutions Psychometric Testing Benefits :

  • Allows the employer to delve beneath the surface and get a more complete picture of the candidate.
  • Supports the interviewer in creating more effective questions to use during the interview stages
  • Identifies developmental opportunities as well as strengths to support development and training
  • Career development - can help the candidates uncover values and interests
  • Psychometric tests measuring key competencies can help the management/employer to understand an individual's capability and his fitment in the organization.
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