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School serves a number of purposes from building confidence to teaching children the importance of teamwork and working with others. But at times school is unable to focus on a few issues faced by a child on daily basis. Stress of making adjustments, understanding of emotions correctly, handling the stress of puberty stage, and how to handle peer pressure...the school may not be able to answer all the questions of every child.

In this regard, SR Solutions is happy to present a new program in child/adolescent development --- its innovative and learning program for children INNACT - Innovate & Act. INNACT does not preach or put your children to boredom, rather enriches and empowers them with knowledge in a fun manner. The program aims at inspiring the young minds of our society.

INNACT is a fun, activity-based learning program specially designed for children for classes 5th to 12th that teaches essential life-skills in a practical and exciting format. The program includes :

  • Building a strong sense of self and self esteem in children.
  • Helping them identify their own behaviours & its effect on self & others.
  • Welcoming Adolescence/Puberty by appreciating their body image.
  • Displaying emotions the right way/building emotional intelligence.
  • Understanding peer pressure and handling it in a better way.
  • Avoiding violence and bad addictions
INNACT is very close to our hearts. Let's develop our children together and make their ordinary journey into extraordinary fun time!
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