Counselling-Coaching/OB-OD Solutions

SR Solutions has the domain expertise of coaching and counselling in various exciting formats.

SR Solutions undertakes :
  • Personal/Life Coaching for all hierarchies
  • Executive Coaching for senior management for career progression and developing leadership traits.
  • Corporate/Business Coaching to support a specific employee to improve performance.
  • Speciality/Niche Coaching for expats into cross-cultural communication, comprehending Indian business environment and for Indians going to the other parts of the world. Special emphasis here on countries like UAE, Japan, South Korea, UK, USA, Germany etc.

With experience in coaching and counselling for over a decade with leading organisations, SR Solutions understands your aspirations, thus strive to make you successful.

Our programmes enable you and teams to maximise potential and reach performance breakthroughs.

Coaching-Counselling Specialists at SR Solutions aim at providing support to anyone who needs individual attention and mentoring.

Student counselling and Career counselling for students is another area of our expertise.

We provide face-to face counselling sessions and various psychometric assessments/tools that help you determine your future course of action.

SR Solutions' Coaching and Counselling section is committed to building your strengths, making you confident and propelling you towards growth.

Coaching- A new way to grow from CEO's to Executives...Experience bespoke coaching solutions of SR Solutions.
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