Corporate Fun Programs & Employee Engagement

Who said that fun and work were mutually exclusive? Is work meant to be stifling and boring? Let's hope not, because boredom can give rise to burnout. Having fun at work makes employees work harder, stay longer, maintain their composure in a crisis and take better care of the organization.

When employees care - when they are 'engaged' - they use discretionary effort. They stay behind to get a job done because they are committed and feel accountable. They stand up for their company because they are proud to be a part of it, they find solutions to problems and create ideas to improve; they are emotionally engaged with their organisation and they care.

SR Solutions trademark fun program - Funtooshtic - is just what you need. A program specially designed and delivered by experts from SR Solutions. It is a chilled out event where employees get together and take a break from talking shop.

It has fun based activities that so bring about the best in the team and make them communicate and bond better! The activities include a lot of humor, fun, celebrations, employee engagement and opportunities for self development.

Employee Engagement at the Process Level

Employee Engagement at the Fun Level

Reinforced can improve work quality and heath in six ways :

  • It is a stress reliever!
  • It creates enthusiasm and results in engagement!
  • It encourages employee to work & play together!
  • It develops better working environment!
  • It improves communication!
  • It contributes towards better emotional wellbeing!
Funtooshtic...the powerful Corporate Break program
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